top of page - Looking for beta testers for new spatial biology software-as-a-service (SaaS) plattform will launch a beta test for their new SaaS-platform for analyzing spatial biology data at the beginning of October. All BioRN-members are invited to join this beta test for free and have their spatial proteomics images analyzed by Our software will allow the following operations in the beginning:

  • Format independent upload and ingestion of data

  • Registration of images

  • Segmentation of cells (nucleus and cell outline). We really segment also the cell outline in contrast to other software often "growing" the cell from the nucleus.

  • Quantification of markers

  • Statistical analysis of cells based on markers.

    • Clusters

    • Neighborhoods

  • Data sharing

We are looking forward to your feedback and feature requests to shape a software that makes spatial biology data analysis easier.

Get in touch with the ariadne team at to learn more.


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