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350 years of curiosity and innovation – creating a bright future together

The Curious – Future Insight Conference is the world’s most renowned gathering on the future of science and technology which was initiated in 2018

At the occasion of its 350th anniversary in 2018 Merck, a leading science & technology company, rolled-out a series of projects to work together with innovators from all over the world to create a bright future. Two review articles describing the projects can be found here: and here:

The Curious – Future Insight Conference ( is the world’s most renowned gathering on the future of science and technology which was initiated in 2018 and from now on will take place each second year as an independent flagship science conference.

Check out the renowned speaker’s panel of the 2020 event ( which involves >50 top speakers including more than 10 Nobel laureates. Some of the world’s best scientists and most accomplished entrepreneurs come together at the Curious – Future Insight conference July 2020 near Frankfurt, Germany, to present their work and to explore the future of science & technology, solving the problems of today and enabling the dreams of a better tomorrow. Sign-up now to get your ticket at: . Read more about the conference at:

Merck also rolled-out a new big research prize, the Future Insight Prize ( The Future Insight Prize will be awarded annually from 2019 onwards for the next 35 years to honor outstanding achievements in science & technology towards a ground-breaking innovation important for the future of humanity in the areas of health, nutrition and energy with a targeted 1mio€ research grant per year. In its first installment in 2019 the 1 mio€ prize will be awarded in the area of pandemic preparedness on July 9th in Darmstadt, Germany. Send a mail to to get a free ticket for the event.

The brightest students from all over the world come together at Merck to learn from professionals, network, develop a business plan and win the 20.000EUR Innovation Cup. Are you up for the challenge? The application phase for the 2020 Innovation Cup starts November 1st 2019 – watch-out and be ready to apply at Read more about the Innovation Cup at:

Scientists are invited to submit their research proposal in the healthcare area in the indications of oncology and autoimmune disease to Merck and if positively evaluated get funding within 3 weeks. Speed grant applications are welcome at

The science declaration “Make Science not War” is a global call to action to invest more resources in science and technology, to help solve the challenges humanity faces in the areas of health, nutrition, energy, avoiding environmental collapse of the ecosystems and most important of all ensuring a peaceful future. Initially rolled-out during Curious 2018 Future Insight Conference and now echoed by declarations in major cities of the world. Support this cause and sign the declaration today at Read more about the cause at:

Nothing will be impossible.

By Ulrich A.K. Betz, Vice President Innovation - Merck


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