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Professional Services and Consulting


Business development I Information provider

STBIO supports small and medium-sized companies in the field of structural biology through, consulting, training, and project coordination.

Large companies have a separate department for structural biology providing expertise for drug development, analytical methods, enzyme optimization, understanding of special publications and marketing. For startups and SMEs, it is usually not economical to employ structural biologists and bioinformaticians, which represents a clear competitive disadvantage.

With STBIO, we aim to close this gap and support companies utilize structural biology on a project basis and depending on the available resources. In addition to independent consultation, we offer coordination of structural biology projects. This includes finding the appropriate service providers and experts, as well as communication between the parties involved. Furthermore, we aim to help our clients with tailor-made training and courses to acquire internal expertise in the field of structural biology, so that they can increasingly perform visualization, analysis, modeling of biomolecular structures and experimental structure determination independently.

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