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Panosome GmbH

Research & Development


Antibody Development

Panosome GmbH - A new path to immunity. Panosome uses its novel, proprietary technology platform to generate antibodies to challenging disease targets. The VAST technology platform unlocks antibodies to small molecules, peptides, and proteins and the high on-target specificity of Panosome's antibodies limits side effects.

They focus their development pipeline on cancer indications with a very high medical need. For this, Panosome generates monoclonal antibodies against tumor-specific carbohydrates (such as MUC1) to target pancreatic cancer that expresses aberrantly glycosylated MUC-1 and a T cell receptor-like antibodies to target intracellular cancer antigens displayed on antigenic presenting cells.

Panosome applies this concept to specifically target a mutation connected to the rare disease midline glioma, an aggressive brain cancer that predominantly affects children.

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