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Institut für Klinische Transfusionsmedizin u. Zelltherapie (IKTZ) Heidelberg gGmbH

Research Institution


The IKTZ Heidelberg is a non-profit organisation, transfusion medical service provider and blood donation center in the Heidelberg region.
IKTZ is a joint venture of the Red Cross Blood Donor Service Baden-Württemberg Hessen and the University Hospital Heidelberg.
The blood bank of IKTZ Heidelberg supplies the Heidelberg University Hospital and other clinics and practices in the district of Heidelberg with blood products and diagnostics, carries out various therapeutic procedures and is available round the clock for immuno-hematological and transfusion medical questions. 
In IKTZ’s Stem Cell Laboratory, which was added on July 1, 2011, allogeneic and autologous stem cell preparations are produced, tested and stored deep-frozen in clean room technology. This activity is directly linked to the allogeneic and autologous stem cell transplantation program of Heidelberg University Hospital, which treats patients with malignant and congenital bone marrow diseases. 

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