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FaCellitate GmbH

Supplier & Engineering


Laboratory consumables and reagents

faCellitate is a SME with high interdisciplinary, a strong focus on R&D and rich technical and entrepreneurial experience. faCellitate develops polymer surface coating for plastic and glassware which are applicable for cell-based assays in the context of cancer and stem cell research, drug development and toxicological studies. faCellitate launched its first product, BIOFLOATtm pre-coated 96-well plate in 2020, to enable the rapid and reliable formation of perfectly round-shaped 3D spheroids, compatible with high-throughput assays. Currently, two other faCellitate’s products are available on the market: the BIOFLOATtmpre-coated 384-well plates and the BIOFLOATtm FLEX solution, an easy-to-use coating solution for flexible experimental designs.

faCellitate is a spin-out of Chemovator GmbH (and thus of BASF SE) and raised successfully 3.7 million Euro in its closing funding in 2022.

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