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DGP Intelsius GmbH



Packaging & Labeling

Intelsius is a global company specializing in the design, manufacture and supply of temperature-controlled regulatory-compliant packaging solutions for the life science industry. Using our expertise, we have been proudly helping customers worldwide to work towards better patient outcomes for more than 20 years.

Whether you’re collecting or shipping blood, urine or tissue samples, from one or 100 sites, Intelsius’ varied product range of sample transport solutions has the answer. We know that when shipping biological and pharmaceutical materials, a minor temperature excursion could compromise your payload’s integrity, that’s why as an ISTA-certified laboratory, Intelsius precisely designs, tests and qualifies packaging systems based on the external temperature extremes your product will encounter developing solutions that you can rely on.

Our numerous locations across the globe allow us to provide local support on how to safely transport specimens and remain flexible when time is of essence.

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