Search-LC GmbH

Supplier & Engineering


Lab consumables and reagents

Search-LC GmbH was founded within a cooperation between ROCHE Diagnostics GmbH and the Institute of Immunology of the University of Heidelberg. The company offers currently more than 1000 parameter-specific kits for the LightCycler® system of ROCHE Diagnostics.
On the diagnostic sector Search-LC GmbH has developed an assay which measures the individual degree of immunsuppression in patients using Calcineurinin inhibitors, which permitted an individual adaptation of the immunsuppressive therapy for the first time. This approach reduces the incidence of recurrent infections and malignant disease as well as the degree of the kidney damage in transplanted patients significantly greatly improving their long-term outcome.
In the area of chronic-bowel disease Search-LC has identified multi-parametric pattern, which measure the degree inflammation in situ and can be employed to monitor anti-inflammatory therapy.