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PROGEN has been operating for years in the in vitro diagnostic fields like microbiology, infectious disease serology, immunology, as well as in biomedical and cell biology research with antibodies, reagents and tools for use in fields such as gene therapy research, antibody phage display technology, recombinant antibody engineering, and lipase activity. The company has a well-established reputation in the manufacture of antibodies, purified native and recombinant polypeptides and of in vitro diagnostic tests for niche markets. Since October 2012 Progen is a 100% subsidiary of the R-Biopharm AG. Together with R-Biopharm Group Progen will further develop its product range to meet market needs and strengthen its core competence in the field of research products. The company's product sections attract and serve a well-diversified clientele in research institutes and universities, pharmaceutical and biotech companies, private and clinical laboratories. With a qualified academic and technical support and marketing team, Progen serves the German and international market, advises and supports its distributors and customers worldwide.