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Drug development consulting

Partnership for Assessment and Accreditation of Scientific Practice (short PAASP GmbH) focuses on the reduction of operational risks in areas of applied biomedical science where research results have direct or indirect commercial value. In this line, PAASP aims to improve pre-clinical research quality by introducing standards to applied research to enhance robustness and trust in scientific theories. More importantly, this will also smoothen the way from excellent scientific hypotheses to increased clinical efficacy. By assessing and accrediting quality in pre-clinical research, PAASP expects a reduction in clinical failure rates, and thereby, saving of valuable resources.

PAASP works with different client groups like CROs and biotech companies (to ensure and improve the quality of research outputs), pharma companies (to find trusted research partners) and VC investors (to minimize the risk of investing into early-stage biotech companies) and provides workshops on Good Research Practice and Data Robustness. In addition, PAASP is involved in several publicly funded projects (IMI, BMBF).