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data protection regulation services

MyData-TRUST is a Belgian company expert in data protection and exclusively dedicated to the Life sciences industry. Our main objective is to support our clients in their compliance process and help them with the various data regulations.

Our focus is GDPR, nevertheless, we also have expertise with UK and CH Data Protection Act, HIPAA and CCPA in US, and PIPEDA in Canada.

We currently support more than 280 clients worldwide, mainly situated in EU and US although we also support clients in Asia and Middle East. Clients come from the Life Science industry, they are mainly Biotech, Medtech, Pharma and Digital Health, and we also support Healthcare, eHealth and Diagnostic companies. Our headquarters are in Belgium and we also have offices in UK, US, France and Romania.

Do you need support in your current/upcoming clinical trials regarding any data privacy regulation? Do you need support at a company level? Do not hesitate to ask us for a call and we will be delighted to further discuss with you.

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