Cellzome, a GSK Company



Peptides I Proteins I Small molecule therapeutics

Cellzome is a leader in Chemoproteomics, a technology which monitors the interaction of small molecules with their protein targets under close-to-physiological conditions, directly in cells or tissues. Cellzome was founded 2000 as a spin-off of the European Molecular Biology Laboratories (EMBL) and is located on the EMBL campus in Heidelberg, Germany. The company was acquired by GSK in May 2012 and was integrated as fully owned GSK daughter company in GSK’s Platform Technology and Sciences team. Cellzome’s technology Cellzome has pioneered the advancement of chemoproteomics to study the effects of active small molecules on the proteome, the protein content of a cell or tissue, which comprises in excess of 10,000 different proteins. Cellzome applies chemoproteomics in a quantitative manner at various stages in drug discovery and development, from screening to selectivity profiling of drugs in different cell and tissue types.