Biomex GmbH

Biotechnology / R&D Services



Biomex GmbH, based in Heidelberg, is a raw-material supplier primarily for the diagnostic industry. Since more than 30 years we provide human blood, blood components and other human biological products from our own donor collection centers under strict ethical standards. Over 90% of all special plasmas and all specific negative plasmas are produced in our plasma donation centers in Heidelberg and Munich. We operate one of the largest human raw material warehouses in Europe, giving clients direct access to 4,500 disease-state plasma samples and 450,000 patient samples. The remaining specificities and other raw materials are produced through exclusive contract partners commissioned by us. We operate a full-equipped state-of-the-art micro-biological laboratory and develop manufacturer independent controls.
Biomex is not only a reliable supplier of patient samples, panels and assays but also a service-provider for testing, verifying and controlling tasks. Based on our many years of experience and expertise, we offer consulting and services for external studies, CE-certification and performance evaluations in accordance with the European IVDR.