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Axiom insights

Biotechnology / R&D Services


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axiom insights, a spin-off of the Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DESY) in Hamburg (Germany), offers a highly sensitive imaging technology without depth restriction - a sophisticated and patented method based on X-ray Fluorescence Imaging (XFI) that opens up completely new possibilities: a) It allows to reduce significantly the development costs and time spent on research b) axiom's new measurement method enables to assess the investment risk of a new product significantly better throughout the entire development phase. c) axiom's XFI method increases the probability of pharmaceutical products being approved substantially faster by Regulatory Authorities. The approach provides direct support of preclinical research processes. It allows to directly track your medical drug molecules, drug carriers or immune cells over time in vivo and without any depth limitations. This also allows obtaining new data at different points in time on the population dynamics of the tracked immune cells and visualize this information directly. This enables to quickly check the efficacy and safety of pipeline products at all stages of the development process.

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