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Building a Rhine-Main-Neckar Bridge

The transfer of academic innovation into drug discovery and development often encounters the ‘valley of death’ where both financing and lack of expertise in the preclinical drug discovery phase is limiting.
The life science cluster BioRN has been analyzing various international models to overcome these limitations in the region.

Evotec is already running several such BRIDGES (>>) very successfully in England, Canada, France and the USA and has identified the Rhine-Main-Neckar region as a prime location in Germany to expand the BRIDGE footprint. BioRN as a cluster with connection to all relevant regional academic and industry stakeholders is facilitating the communication with Evotec.


The Evotec Academic BRIDGE is a new risk-shared pre-seed project incubation paradigm to accelerate preclinical development by matching novel academic therapeutic approaches with both financial investment as well as Evotec’s broad and deep technical drug discovery expertise. The explicit goal of the BRIDGE concept is the formation of new Start-ups.