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28 June - 2 July, 2021



for SMEs


CELIS Challenge: are you up to it?

CELIS project combines some of the world-class life science ecosystems in Europe (building on the Health Axis Europe Alliance – HAE), where cross-sectoral fertilisation has given rise to promising new technologies and products, resulting in new value chains.

The CELISXchange WEEK intensifies and expands this inter-regional cooperation and increase its impact, especially for SMEs among their members.

What do we offer?

29 June at 10am - 1 pm

Creativity in Biotech: how to organise serendipity?

How can companies ‘organise’ creativity and innovation? Is there a science behind developing new ideas? How to provide freedom to be creative, while supporting urgency and purpose at the same time?

We will dig into this topic with innovation experts and innovation makers in the field of biopharmaceutical and biotechnology, followed by speed networking.

1 July at 1- 3 pm

China Market Entry – Reality Check 2021

This internationalisation crash course will offer you a reality check on China’s Healthcare market in the 2020s and it will challenge what you believe you know about the Chinese and international healthcare market.

The Chinese market today is not the Chinese market from 10 years ago – let’s get some updated insights and new perspectives.

29 - 30 June

Tailored partnering between SMEs & Academia

In order to facilitate (international) SME interaction with academia and other SMEs we have launched a “Call for Challenges” from interested SMEs within BioRN cluster and selected 5 CELIS Challenges. Are you up to it? If your technology, platform, or process could solve one of these Challenges, submit your solution by May 21, to partner with them during this event! More information at fl[at]biorn.org

28 June - 1 July

1:1 Business Meetings

Prepare your personal Agenda, browse through the participants and schedule easy 1:1 video meetings!

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CELIS is funded by the European Union’s COSME Programme (GA No.: 873857)


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