BioRN in the media:

Latest media coverage of BioRN and the region



Growing biotech ecosystem in Southern Germany

Report on the launch of BioLabs Heidelberg spearheaded by BioRN


FAZ 16.09.2021

How more companies like BioNTech can emerge

Highlighting BioRN's effort to create an ecosystem facilitating academic spin-offs.


Transkript News


First German Evotec BRIDGE leverages academic innovation in the region.


DER SPIEGEL - Starkes Land Baden-Württemberg

Comprehensive report on the impact of BioRN in fostering innovation in the life science region Rhine-Neckar.


Ministry of Economy visited BioRN Life Science Ecosystem

Min. of Economical Affairs in BW, Dr. Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut visting the local  entrepreneurial ecosystem.


One step ahead in healthcare: 25 years of BioRN

News about our cluster and newly established initiatives, including our anniversary: 25 years of BioRN!


Biotechnologie 2021

Translation as mission possible

BioRN facilitates the combination of three initiatives in Heidelberg into a unique translation concept.

Transkript Spezial

Cluster Technologieparks

25 years of BioRN - International models and internationalisation strategies in the region.


Transkript 4/2020

Innovation Translation

BioRN's CEO Julia Schaft highlights the importance of innovation translation for the life science ecosystem Rhine-Neckar.


Ernst & Young

Biotechnologie-Report 2020

Why and how Heidelberg and the Region can benefit from BioLabs, the full-service life science incubator.


Minister-President Winfried Kretschmann visits the Heidelberg biotech scence

MP Winfried Kretschmann in conversation with BioRN board members


First German Evotec BRIDGE in Heidelberg

Supported by BioRN, this BRIDGE brings together leading academic institutions to  advance novel drug discovery projects.

BIO Deutschland Jahrbuch 20-21 Cover_adj

BIO Deutschland

Jahrbuch 2020/2021

Challenges and roadmap to open BioLabs Heidelberg, the full-service life science incubator.


Plattform Life Sciences

Biotechnologie 2020

General information about our

life science cluster in the annual report of Plattform Life Sciences.


BIO Deutschland

Jahrbuch 2019/2020

The scouting service HAEP facilitates collaborations between academia, SMEs, and industry.