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Artificial Intelligence meets Health

- from desk to bench to bedside -


Date and location:

11 November, 09:30 am

German Cancer Research Center, Heidelberg


Registration - 6 November

Abstracts and Posters - early submission July 31

                                      - late submission September 15 

Industry Poster Gallery

Since 2009, each year the BioRN Annual Conference has been a valuable source of top information, lively discussions and networking opportunities with international experts from different fields of the life sciences.

This year we explore the industry potential of our cluster and zoom in in the great research and products available in the industry poster gallery.

A company representative will be available at the poster to answer your questions and meet potential partners during the breaks.

  • Interrogated Knowledge Networks - AbbVie

  • Clinical data science services for patient stratification in oncology - BAST

  • Challenges of the Clinical Trials Supply Chain - Biocair

  • Novel systems for robust screening of autoantigens in autoimmune disease - BioMed X

  • Using Euro-BioImaging services and tools to generate data for AI projects - Euro-BioImaging

  • GELITA TUFT-IT®: the first gelatin-based non-woven hemostat - Case series report in open and laparoscopic liver surgery - GELITA MEDICAL

  • Autonomous AI systems for pre- and clinical research and diagnostic purposes - HS Analysis GmbH

  • Independent Top 10 Pharma Trial of Voice-to-Text Technologies - Labtwin

  • Cognitive neurorehabilitation with virtual reality - Living Brain GmbH

  • Automated scanning and diagnostic pre-classification with Convolutional Neural Networks in cytology, microbiology and histopathology - MetaSystems Hard & Software GmbH

  • AI-driven software to predict clinical development success - Molecular Health

  • Precision Immunotherapy with Graph Neural Networks - NEC Laboratories Europe GmbH

  • AI facilitating assessment of biomedical research quality - PAASP GmbH / PAASP US LLC

  • FUBIS is an alendronate-5-Fluorodeoxyuridine duplex drug with strong anti-resorptive activity and reduced systemic toxicity - PEKKIP Oncology Alliance AG

  • Image based precision diagnosis powered with machine learning - PixelBiotech GmbH

  • Predicting the onset of chronic kidney disease in patients with diabetes using electronic health records - Roche Diabetes Care GmbH

  • Expert in standardized & individual Cold Chain Solutions - THERMOCON by Schaumaplast

  • Efficiency in Clinical Research through Quality by Design – How QbD will help in defining your Clinical Development Strategy - SCOPE International AG

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