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Have a look to the poster gallery and use the contact details to set up a follow up call with the poster presenters! 

#1 - Alternative pre-mRNA Splicing as a Source of Cancer Neoepitopes

BioMed X Institute


#4 Innovative synthetic materials for reliable cell culture systems

Chemovator - faCellitate

#7 Modelling neuroinflammation with iPSC-derived neurons and microglia

NMI, Natural and Medical Sciences Institute at the University of Tübingen

#10 Using Single Cell Multi-omics to Monitor CAR-T Therapy Response Identifies Potential Therapeutic Escape Mechanism in a Multiple Myeloma Patient


#13 VectorBuilder: From Discovery to Therapeutic Application



#2 Re-imagining clinical trial design optimization – A case study


#5 A blood-based miRNA signature predicts immunotherapy response

Hummingbird Diagnostics

#8 The EQIPD Quality System: a new way to boost innovation


#11 A high throughput RNA-seq method to enable efficient drug screening

Singleron Biotechnologies 

#3 Emulating the MAIN Outcomes of Randomised Controlled Studies through Statistical Analysis of Real World DATA Directly Extracted from Electronic Medical Records


#6 Protecting Life’s Most Precious Cargo

DGP Intelsius 

#9 Phialogics - a platform technology to restore immune tolerance in autoimmune diseases



#12 Generation of Functional Monoclonal Antibodies by Single B Cell Cloning

Sino Biological Europe