Life Science Cluster Rhine-Neckar


Making Life Science matter... and Innovation happen!


BioRN is the science and industry cluster of the Rhine-Main-Neckar region around Heidelberg, one of Germany’s strongest biotech hubs. It is a non-profit network fostering health innovations and serving its members by creating a rich translational ecosystem as well as promoting, representing and connecting the regional innovation stakeholders.

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BioRN has about 120 institutional members, including several top academic and research institutions, 8 pharmaceutical companies, a large range of small and medium-sized enterprises bolstering the life science ecosystem as well as local government organizations and interest groups. 

Founded in 1996 BioRN has since raised more than 70 million € of public funding for its members. It was instrumental in the successful bid for the European Institute of Technology (EIT) KIC Healthy Living and Ageing in 2014 with a total grant of 700 million € 
BioRN Cluster management establishes initiatives to nurture and extend networks between its members - the key regional innovation stakeholders. It stands for the promotion and visibility of the Life Science region and fosters connections to other regions of innovation worldwide.

BioRN is founding member of the Health Axis Europe (HAE), a strategic alliance between the leading life science hubs of BioRN, Leuven (Belgium), Maastricht (Netherlands) and Copenhagen (Denmark). The alliance aims to bundle and cross leverage the members’ innovation resources and thus jointly increase international competitiveness. >>

The cluster is internationally recognized as an academic center of excellence in the field of cancer, immunology, cutting edge imaging and omics, holding an enormous potential for translation into health applications. By leveraging the unique combination of global pharma and leading academic institutions amongst its members, BioRN drives a range of translational initiatives in order to create an entrepreneurial ecosystem that can compete with other centers of excellence on an international level.

These initiatives include:

  • the establishment of a fully equipped and professionally run life science startup incubator (BioLabs HD>>

  • the implementation of funding instruments to finance the conversion of academic projects into industry ready assets (HDDiscovery)

  • the performance of tailored technology scouting activities between industry and academia (BioRN Scout) >>

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